A Miscellany of Universes: Spaceships and Spacescapes

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An unguided wander through countless worlds in countless universes. Alternates and options. Settlers and spaceships and wars and peace both long and short.

On a dry and dusty moon, but one small body amongst many, travelers become settlers. Here is where we stop. Here is where we stay. It is not much, but it is ours, and we will build a world here.

But who - or what - built them? And to what unknown deities do they pay homage? Impossible geometries, passing through unfathomable dimensions, encapsulated within a disturbingly familiar exterior.

Faster than the lightning. Louder than the thunder. Ever ready to defend the Republic. But for now, we bask in the sun.

Explore AND trade AND fight AND travel AND see AND do AND learn AND OH ME OH MY SO MANY WORLDS SO LITTLE TIME.

Rachel Pawling, 2016
Correspondence to rachel@rp-one.net

- v.1