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Firstly, a comparison between the two designs proposed by Fairey, the small Delta II and the much larger developed Delta III.

The Delta III had significant development potential to reach higher speeds and altitudes.  One role that could have resulted was Photo-reconnaissance.  In this impression, the radar has been removed and replaced by cameras.  Additional aerials indicate the presence of ESM and ECM equipment.

This growth potential could also have been exploited for high speed research.

The winning F.155T design could also have had export potential.  This machine is shown as a replacement for the Royal Canadian Air Force's CF-101 Voodoo interceptors.

A purely speculative development from this author, the Delta III could have been fitted with the ramjet boosters proposed for the Avro Canada Arrow.  The weapons shown here are a CW radar homing version of Red Top, which was actually proposed.

A more realistic weapons fit might have been the Vickers' small radar missile, similar in appearance to a scaled down Red Hebe / Red Dean.

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