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The Hawker Siddeley APD.1019 was a series of mid 1960's studies into designs for a research aircraft capable of Mach 5. Several different versions were produced, ranging from 21-58 tonnes. Configurations ranged from relatively conventional canard deltas to advanced lifting body flying wedges. Propulsion options included hydrogen fuelled scramjets and turborockets (an engine capable of operating as a turbojet or a rocket).

Illustrations of some of the designs are shown below. Click the images to open a full-resolution image.

Gibson, C & Buttler, T, British Secret Projects: Hypersonics, Ramjets & Missiles, Ian Allan Publishing Ltd, 2007

A The HSA APD.1019E6, powered by Rolls-Royce FPS.146 Turborockets with a Rolls-Royce RB.189 lift engine for use during landing and take-off.

In addition to the lift engines, the turborocket nacelles could be rotated to provide additional lift. The cockpit hatch can be seen aft of the canard.

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