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Due to the demands of real-time processing, computer games and Virtual Reality tools make extensive use of low polygon count models.  These are also used for much of the background material in film and television CGI work.  In these models, visual detail is instead provided by texture maps. 

After playing an unhealthy amount of "Homeworld" I developed a liking for the clean look of low-polygon spacecraft models.  Combined with a desire to improve my use of texture maps, this led to several simple modelling projects featuring fictional spacecraft.  These are shown below.  Please click on the images to view larger versions.

A commercially flagged tanker carrying hydrocarbons to the younger asteroidal colonies.  Such bulk movement of material is frequently neccessary in the early stages of colony growth.

Gravitational slingshots are frequently used in intra-system travel to reduce fuel costs.

With the development of faster-than-light travel, conflict between species became a new possibility.  Fortunately the relative lack of simultaneous comparable intelligent races in the Milky Way limited such encounters.

Conflict within a single species, however, remains a common event, and the saying that eternal vigilance is the price of liberty has unfortunately proven to be true.

A cargo vessel prepares to break orbit.  Regardless of advances in technology, most spacecraft remain strictly utilitarian in design.

A mundane exterior, however, gives few clues to the enormous propulsive energies that lie within.

Rachel Pawling, 2015
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