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The Dassault Mirage III V was an adaption of the Mirage III design to meet the needs of NATO Basic Military Requirement 3 (NBMR.3).  This called for a supersonic V/STOL fighter-bomber capable of carrying a single tactical nuclear weapon.  The designs submitted were the Hawker P.1154, BAC 584, Fokker US-Republic D.24 and the Mirage III V.   The Dassault design featured eight Rolls-Royce RB.162 lift engnes in four groups of two in the centre fuselage, and a single SNECMA / Pratt & Whitney TF-104 turbofan for propulsion.  The two prototypes eventually demonstrated a maximum speed of Mach 2.04, and any developed machine would probably have had a payload of approximately 1000kg.  The radar system intended for this machine eventually entered service in the Mirage F-1.  The images on this page show how the Mirage III V might have looked had it entered service.
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The second Mirage III V prototype (02).

A speculative production version with RWR and weapons systems.  Shown in pre-Falkland colours, this machine is armed with a centreline cannon pod and two Sidewinder AAMs.  Slim external tanks are carried.

A speculative version in Swiss service with 15 Squadron. Shown armed with a centreline cannon pod and two Maverick AGMs.

A speculative version in Egyptian service, given as a gift by Saudi Arabia prior to the Yom Kippur War.  Shown armed with two AA-2 / K-13 AAMs.

A speculative version in French service, shown armed with a centreline cannon pod and anti-runway bombs under the wings.

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